Personal profile and listings management

The following instructions are for those users wishing to register on our site, either as Privates or as Agents and list their properties.

1. User registration and login

First you need to register on our website by clicking on the corresponding menu and choose on the corresponding box whether you are a Private or a real estate Agent (image 1).
The remaining fields are completed accordingly.

After completing your registration, you will receive an email to confirm your account.
If you register as a real estate agent we may need to call you to confirm some details before we activate your account.

After activating your account you can login to our website by clicking on the "Login" button at the top of the web page.
Once connected, and after the activation of your account on our part, two new menu items will appear next to the menu item "Registration": «My Profile» & «For the Agent».
If you have registered as a Private the menu item «For the Agent» will not appear, as it is addressed exclusively to the real estate Agents of our website.

2. Subscription plans

Your next step before you can list your properties is to register to a subscription plan.

  • For our website's Agents we offer a FREE trial of one hundred (100) listings, and several other subscription plans for a integrated promotion of your property listings and Agency.
    All subscription plans for the real estate agents can be viewed here (*you need to be connected).

    Our Agents have the opportunity to combine the Free trial with any of the subscription plans for Featured listings. During the process of listing your properties you can choose if the property will be registered as simple or as featured, by choosing the corresponding subscription. The difference between featured and simple listings is that the first ones appear at the top of the search results.


  • For our website's privates we offer a FREE trial of five (5) listings, which you can view here (*you need to be connected).

3. Properties listing

After signing up for a subscription plan you can proceed with the listing of your properties by clicking the corresponding button at the top of the page or from the corresponding sub-menu "My profile".

  • On the first tab you may enter your property's address, which you can also enter in the field above the map in order for your property to appear on it. You can drag & drop the icon onto the map for a more accurate address, in case of incorrect placement (image 2).
  • On the second tab «Features» you may enter all the information about your property. In particular, in the box «Ref#» (image 3) you may enter a code for quick reference of your property and in the «Tags» box (image 4) words or phrases that describe your property.
    Properties with same tags are interconnected so they can be found easier by the users of the website.
  • On the third tab «Other information» you enter information about the features of your property, internally and externally, about the facilities of the neighborhood and the construction. Both tabs «Additional features» and «Construction» are accessible only after you choose the property's type on the tab «Features».
    Furthermore, if you wish, you can also embed a YouTube video, presenting the property and attach documents relevant to it. To embed youtube videos please follow the steps 1-4 as shown here: (image 5).
  • On the fourth tab «Images» you may add photos of your property.

    - On the tab «Translation» you can fill in the name, adress and description of your property in other available languages.

4. My profile

In your personal profile you can manage your properties, see how many impressions each one has and whether users of the website have left a comment/rating to them (image 6).

  • On the first tab «My properties» you can edit all the properties you have listed and view their status, ie whether they are featured, approved or published.

    - The Agents of our website can choose whether the property will be featured and published and change its status through their account panel (you have to own a subscription plan for featured listings).

    : If you change your listing's status from "Featured" to "simple" you can not restore it. Nevertheless, if you want to restore it or the change was made by mistake, please contact us.

    - The privates of our website can choose whether the property will be published or not, but can not list featured properties and thus change "Featured" status.

  • On the second tab you can view your subscriptions.
  • On the third tab you can view and edit your login information in our website.
  • On the fourth and last tab you can view and edit your contact information appearing next to each one of your properties, so users can contact you.

For any questions or comments on the profile and listings management system do not hesitate to contact us.